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About Vic

With an exceptional passion for photography since 2007 documenting remarkable shots of his travel adventures and phenomenal sceneries, he then form an interest group with his friends who shares the same interest where they generously exchange photography tips and skills as they venture around to master their skills. Through his journey, he was fortunate to have met a famous Japanese architecture photographer, Mori Hidetaka, who had a vast experience of over 20 years in 2010. Mori Hidetaka took him under his wing where he was then offered a part-time photographer position which eventually converted to a full-time position a year after, giving him the opportunity to venture into a different field heightening his learning experience.

In 2015, Mori Hidetaka retired due to ill health and Vic then set up AD focus providing professional photography services where he was able to put all his years of experiences into good use.

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